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Our wheel-mounted pullers will allow a single user to easily and safely remove a gear, bearing, coupling, or anything frozen to a shaft and has the following features


  • Wheel-mounted frame that will allow the  user to easily move the puller into position .

  • Winch allows the user to adjust the height of the cylinder for a range of applications.  

  • Ram adapter set to extend the range of the hydraulic cylinder

  • Electric (110V/60Hz or 220/50Hz) or manual pumps available

  • Simple design keeps the operation easy and the cost affordable!


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PUL-60 TON and PUL-100 TON

6 Click here for Low Profile Pullers


Download for more information:

20-Ton Operating Instructions

Download Download Download PUL-20 TON-ELPP & PP Operating Manual PUL-60 TON-ELPP & PP Operating Manual PUL-100 TON-PP Operating Manual 20 Ton Parts Information 60 Ton Parts Information 100 Ton Parts Information Download Download Download

20-Ton Parts Information

60-Ton Parts Information

100-Ton Parts Information

Wheel-Mounted Puller Specifications

60-Ton Operating Instructions

100-Ton Operating Instructions

Wheel-Mounted Puller

Specification Sheet



wheel mounted puller 100 Ton Wheel Mounted Hydraulic Gear Puller_1 Get Pricing 100 Ton Puller Spec Dimensions 2 Wheel Mounted Pullers Specification Table