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Always stocked with the parts you need

Industrial Pulley Puller (formerly Industrial Engineering Equipment Company) has all of the replacement parts you need for your hydraulic puller.  Proprietary castings, hydraulic cylinders and pumps, and pullers arms are in-stock for quick delivery to minimize downtime.  We also stock pump conversion kits to make your existing puller more versatile and easier to use.

Replacement arms and pins are in stock for all models of Pulley Pullers. All arms are load tested at 140% of the maximum rated force.

Replacement arms and pins

The Quicklink chain assembly is used to hold the Puller arms rigidly in position when pressure is applied. Undersized or warn chains may create a unsafe working condition. Complete Quicklink chains include the chain, chain casting and chain guide casting. Chain parts can be purchased separately. Two chains are required for the 100-ton Pulley Puller.

Quicklink chains

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Ram adapters

Ram adapters increase the versatility of the hydraulic ram. The adapter set includes 10 different sizes for the 20, 60, and 100-ton Pulley Pullers.

High-pressure hydraulic rams

High-pressure hydraulic rams and rebuild kits are available for 20, 60 and 100-ton pullers. Replacement 8-ton jacks are available.

Electric and Manual hand pumps

Manual hand pumps are standard for the 20-ton and 60-ton machines. High-pressure electric pumps are optional on 20 and 60-ton Pullers and standard on the 100-ton. The 20 and 60-ton electric pumps are 115-volt with 220v/50Hz options. The pressure gauge and remote control switch are included on electric pumps.

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